My story

I’ve always loved the magical world of make-believe, where anything is possible. A world where giraffes, robins and cats can wear stripey socks!


When I was a child, I enjoyed scrambling up the hill behind my home with my brother David, building camps in the bushes. I loved playing imaginative games, losing myself in magazines and books, and making things.


After leaving school, I completed an English degree and trained to be a primary school teacher. I made my lessons fun, using storybooks and games to inspire children and teach them about the world.


I then got a job as a writer in children’s educational magazines. I loved to fill a blank page with the most imaginative, eye-catching content that would make children go ‘Wow!’


Since, I have also worked as a senior editor on non-fiction titles for children, and helped to create numerous books about animals, plants, families and festivals. During this time, I also worked with the literacy charities Reading Quest and ARCh, selecting books and inventing games to inspire children to read and write.



Sum Busters

I invented the Sum Busters for BBC Learning is Fun! magazine. Check out some of the adventures I sent them on in
Magazines - Puzzle Adventure Stories.

A new start

At the end of 2013, I made the decision to go freelance, so I put on my stripey socks and immersed myself in doing what I love best, which is writing and creating content for children.


I live with my tabby cat Rudolf (named after the Russian ballet dancer and not the reindeer!) and adopted mouse, Bambi. After rescuing Bambi from Rudi’s jaws for the third time, I realised that this little mouse couldn’t survive in the wild, so I adopted him and named him Bambi. His back legs have a habit of splaying out, just like the Bambi character on ice!


If you would like to commission me, or have something to share, I would love to hear from you. Check out the rest of My Stripey Socks website for some of my creations…


“Those who don’t

believe in magic

will never find it.”

Roald Dahl


Me, with the Sum Busters

Illustrated by Gary Small.



Blast off!


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I dedicate this website to my mother, Jacqueline who inspired and believed in me, and who set my imagination free in the first place.

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Catherine Veitch

Children’s Writer, with a passion for inspiring children through puzzles, games, educational activities, cartoons, puzzle adventure stories, magazine features and non-fiction books.


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